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Protobuf definitions to instruct an oracle how to fetch, parse, and transform data to bring it on-chain.

Switchboard oracles read on-chain job accounts to determine how to fetch and respond to update request. An OracleJob is a collection of tasks that are chained together to arrive at a single numerical value.

Switchboard tasks are executed sequentially with the output of the previous task provided as the input to the next task in a chain. After the final task, the TaskRunner will attempt to convert the running result to a numeric value.

NOTE: Some task do not consume the running input such as HttpTask, WebsocketTask, and most of the fetch tasks. If the TaskRunner sees one of these task types in the middle of a job definition, it will effectively reset the running result.


Represents a list of tasks to be performed by a Switchboard oracle.

 tasksTask[]The chain of tasks to perform for this OracleJob.


Represents a singular operation performed by an oracle to yield an eventual numerical result.

See a table of task types with examples: OracleJob.Task

Task Types